The ISU Faculty Landscape: Exploring Intersectionality

Introduction: Promoting gender equity within academia is an ongoing journey, and Iowa State University (ISU) is committed to creating an inclusive and diverse faculty community. While progress has been made, there remain opportunities to further enhance the representation of women faculty members, particularly in STEM fields. Additionally, exploring the intersectionality of gender and ethnicity, such as being Asian, adds valuable dimensions to the ongoing efforts towards fostering a truly inclusive academic environment.

Celebrating Progress at ISU: Over the years, ISU has made significant strides in increasing the representation of women among its faculty. In 2018, ISU employed 767 remarkable female faculty members, accounting for 39.7% of the total, marking a positive improvement from 2010. This upward trend is encouraging and reflects ISU’s commitment to gender diversity within its academic community.

Advancements in STEM Fields: While challenges persist, ISU is dedicated to addressing the underrepresentation of women in STEM fields. Notably, the College of Engineering has witnessed noteworthy progress, with the proportion of female faculty increasing over time. Although more work remains, ISU recognizes the importance of fostering an environment that supports and encourages women pursuing careers in STEM, creating pathways for their success.

Embracing Intersectional Identities: In our pursuit of a truly inclusive environment, ISU acknowledges the unique experiences of women faculty members who belong to multiple marginalized groups. Recognizing the intersectionality of gender and ethnicity, including Asian women, is crucial to understanding and addressing the specific challenges they may face. By celebrating the diverse contributions and perspectives of Asian women in academia, ISU strives to create a nurturing space where every faculty member can thrive.