Hopkins, Glee Jane Willoughby (M.S., Home Economics Education, 1935)

Glee J. Willoughby was born in 1906. Earning her master’s of science degree in Home Economics Education from Iowa State College in 1935, she became an Instructor of Home Economics at Winston-Salem State University, an HBU in North Carolina. She married Thomas B. Hopkins and later worked as a Home Economics teacher at Lincoln High School in Kansas City, Kansas. She died in 1997 and was buried in Leavenworth, Kansas.

Iowa State College Dissertation Title: The utilization of time by pupils in certain high school foods classes taught by student teachers, 1935

Iowa State University Catalog Record:https://quicksearch.lib.iastate.edu/permalink/01IASU_INST/174tg9m/alma990009835930102756